Pol Clarissou

contemplative multiplayer game about death and acceptance
wandering through space without a purpose_ getting old and getting lost_
but all we hear now is the static
contemplative divination software
· · ○ • · tune in tonight
⌛ two days and two nights on a ghost train ⌛
cassini homage postcard
​peat moss, noise, space, bodies
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3 screensavers for #screensaverjam
leap motion experiment
↡❀❉ pet jam ↡❀❉
<•> <•>
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an ocean away from home- but
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forever and ever and ever
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A waterly unity scene with few interactions.
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7DFPS entry
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​this is for the bar SK jam ill update this description after i sleep ok goodbye
Chrome extension · bloom any webpage 🌺
lost through the skies - Space Cowboy game jam entry
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other projects i worked on